Our Vision & Strategy

One of EL SEWEDY ELECTROMETER's greatest strengths is its commitment to essential values that are fundamental to achieving and providing the highest standards of Metering Industry.

These values set the atmosphere and tone in our relations with Clients, Resources, and other Industry Key Players. The Interests of Our Clients Come First. These values that we are committed to, strengthens the reputation the firm enjoys among clients and within the metering industry. EL SEWEDY ELECTROMETER team is client focused.

We understand that our job is to identify, understand, and manage the challenges facing our clients, to protect their interests, and to enhance their competitiveness. Our employees are dedicated to achieving our clients' objectives. Our Meeting for the Deadline Is Uncompromising.



We design, produce and continuously improve quality metering products and solutions that meet and even exceed our customers' expectations by developing our processes and people.
We lead EL SEWEDY ELECTROMETER to achieve goals of long-term growth and value for the benefit of our customers, shareholders, employees and communities.


To become one of the market leadersin metering solutions worldwide


Our strategy is to provide high quality products and services that ensure the satisfaction of our clients.

EL SEWEDY ELECTROMETER spend the time and energy required to fully understand the needs of each client, to identify the relevant issues, and to keep the client informed about all the matters which are in the project Every member of the EL SEWEDY ELECTROMETER, team is committed at all times to maintaining the highest standards of meeting the Deadline of our Clients. When a client engages EL SEWEDY ELECTROMETER, the client can be truly assured that we will work only in the client's best interests.


Key elements of our strategy:


Technological leadership as the guarantee for quality, optimal product lifetime cost, higher process efficiency and extended functionality. Our key competencies are reinforced where needed and bundled into global centers of competence.
Standardized processes and close cooperation between portfolio management and development within regions and the group as a whole lay the foundation for a targeted portfolio renewal based on real customer requirements and market opportunities.
In addition, we expand our areas of competence along our customer's process chain - from the meter through to total solutions including supporting services