Timer Meter For Street Light Controller  


Timer Meter Specification

1. Class 1.0, as per IS: 13779:1999
2. current ratting -5-20A, 5-30A, 10-40A, 10-60A
3. Meter immune or log the event (200 events) in all tamper condition. 62052-11 /IS15884 (2010)
4. 12 month history
5. Time of day (TOD ) 2 Zone recording
6. Maximum demand calculation
7. Communication : optical communication with RS232

Timer Meter Feature:

1. Meter shall controlled the street light on and off according to sunrise and
2. sunset on daily basis
3. Meter shall disconnect the street light in overload conditions 62052-11 /IS15884 (2010)
4. Faulty relay detection: meter shall detect the relay close by force and log this
5. event in data base, after 5 minute its open the relay automatically
6. Prepaid calculation (Step tariff or TOU by money)
7. Communication : optical communication with RS232