Solution To AMM/AMR



Meters could be upgraded to be part of an AMM system without changing meter's Hardware or Reprogramming. in a Sealed Enclosure fixed on a Pole or inside the Building, A Group of 32 Meters (single or 3 ph) can be connected through single RS485 bus to a 3 Phase Sub-concentrator the 3ph sub concentrator is responsible to connect meters to the out-world.

Customer Display Unit:

installed indoor at customer side to display the corresponding Meter's data over Power Line through the sub concentrator .


(transformer side): The concentrator installed at the Transformer communicates to the different sub-concentrators installed at Buildings or Poles through 2 Way PLC-Power Line Carrier.

Concentrator Communicates

The Concentrator communicates to the Data Collection Center Server through 2 Way GPRS communication

Technical Data
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