The EM 101-1 single phase electronic meter is a direct connection meter 2 wires, capable to measure kWh according to IEC standards 61036. 62053-21 and 62052-11 class 1.0. The LCD displays the entire meter's data. The meter contains an independent measuring element allowing measuring consumed energy. A red LED pulsing at a rate of 1600 pulses per kWh for energy registration. The meter has an optical interface based upon the IEC 62056-21 protocol.

Theory of Operation

The product is composed of independent measuring elements, data processing unit with high velocity, real time clock (RTC), data interface device and man- machine interface deice. Under the control of the high-velocity data processing unit, the high- velocity A/D converter converts the analog signals produced from the measuring elements into digital signals; this fast accurate and noiseless process leads to obtain accurate measuring of active energy quantity. A data analysis is carried out according to the requirement on the corresponding tariff and MD. The processing results will be stored in memory for information exchange through external interface at any time.

Meter's Features

The single phase meter type EM101-1, multi tariffs, has many features adjusted according to the customers' requirements as follows and as we are one of the leading factories in the Arabian area as well as Africa, have teams capable to satisfy more customers' requirements: Total kwh Register Reverse Energy Registering/Reverse connection Detective & indicator Earthling and bypass detection Over load current detection Event registers for system analysis and tamper proof.(record the events by data & time) Non volatile memory.

Technical Data
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