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Is a diversified group of companies that consists of several business activities. The group has more than 25 companies and 18 factories, with over 70 years of experience in the field of electricity in the Egyptian & International market. It has since developed a strong credibility among its clients including numerous government and private establishments, as well as projects and factories that represent a significant portion of the local & overseas market.

El Sewedy Group is established on the basis of meeting the international standards, participating in the market with competitive prices and performing appropriate deliveries upon the clients' requests.

Using customer ties as an indicator of general market trends, El Sewedy Group has recognized the growing demand for new technologies and electronic parts which surfaced as a result of the 1980's industrial 'boom' in Egypt and its establishment of several industrial cities; some of which are still expanding today.

In turn, El Sewedy Group is concentrating much of its efforts on providing quality products and advanced technologies to supply specific industrial needs, as well as establish a strong foothold in newly rising market segments. El Sewedy Group has an unparalleled solid marketing ability in its field in Egypt & also in foreign countries. That is owing to our marketing plans, which include a vast expansion in various product lines in addition to an adamant sales force with follow up strategies that would keep us one-step ahead in the market, and always prepared for our clients' requirements.

The group initially started out as a small office. Gradually, this small office kept growing until the group was formed. The group then led to an expansion with different branches of companies, factories, warehouses and showrooms all over Egypt and also overseas, with an increasing number of staff to almost 5000 personnel.

By the new millennium, we started a new era with each of our branch companies changing from a solitary proprietorship into a joint stock company. This has in turn increasingly deepened our roots in the Egyptian market & has offered a wider space for us to increase our business rate, and continue growing.

As for our company, El Sewedy Electrometer Egypt S.A.E, it serves as one member of the group. It supplies a wide range of electromechanical and electronic meters, according to the needs of the market. Our meters are designed and manufactured by us, thus guaranteeing the construction of trust worthy products[1] . Moreover, serving as a reflection of our position within the Egyptian market are the projects we administered as Contactors.

Introduction to El Sewedy Electrometer Egypt

As the need for quality electricity meters kept growing in the Middle East, El Sewedy Group announced in the 90´s the launch of a new member specialized in designing and manufacturing state of the art electricity meters. Our flexible design team's capabilities enabled us to make our customers' needs a reality.

Now with about 13 million meters running in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Americas, we are proud to introduce the new generation of electronic meters with the latest technologies of Automatic Meter Management (AMM) & Group Metering Management (GMM), prepayment metering systems and multifunction meter systems. We bring advanced metering solutions to energy utilities all over the world. Our dedicated employees are committed to innovation, quality and reliability, and they deliver value-driven solutions to satisfy our customers' expectations.

We focus on creating outstanding customer value and on making possible a more efficient use of energy. We are committed to our customers to whom we deploy the latest technologies, intelligent and reliable products and high quality solutions. In addition, we pursue a growth strategy, underlying our position as the leading provider of energy measurement solutions and the front-runner in advanced metering.

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