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The series of three phase electronic watt-hour meter EM341-2 developed with the latest micro-electronic Technology, is used to measure three-phase AC Active or Reactive power energy with frequency 50\60Hz, It is designed and manufactured according to the relevant IEC62053, 62052 and 1036 standards.

Theory of Operation

The product is composed of (CT, PT) or high accuracy switched power supply, A/D converter with high accuracy and high velocity, high velocity data processing unit, real time clock (RTC), data interface and man- machine interface device. A night LED is mounted on the front of the meter to indicate fault conditions. The meter is capable to record a load profile.

Meter's Features

The meter consists of an energy measuring unit (sampling, processing IC) for measuring energy in different phases and data processing, storing and communication. The meter measures active and reactive energy in four quadrants, MD, instantaneous and average power factor, power, voltage, and current for different phases as well as energy under different tariffs and records events during the operation. The meter is equipped with an early detection circuit for power loss that enables meter to save its data into memory and to enter the low power mode. All measures are stored in a non-volatile memory for the last 18 months. The meter is digitally calibrated and provides a pulsed output for both active and reactive energy consumption. The meter has the ability to measure consumed energy by accurate manner even if the voltage of each phase is dropped. The meter detects tampering and guarantees accurate measurements even under all tampering conditions. The meter records and stores the operation events and abnormal events stamping with last happening time for customer tracing and analysis. The meter can store abnormal events up to 200n items.

Technical Data
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